Procedure: letter of appointment

Follows the tenor of the letter appointing [James Ogilvy], earl of Seafield to sit and vote in this session of parliament as lord secretary.

Letter appointing the earl of Seafield to sit and vote as lord secretary

Signed above thus: Anne Regina

Right trusty and right entirely beloved cousin and councillor, we greet you well. Whereas we have ordered our right trusty and well beloved cousin and councillor James, earl of Seafield, secretary of state for that our kingdom, to repair thither and to be present at the ensuing session of parliament, and whereas it belongs only to one of our two secretaries indefinitely to have place and vote in parliament as an officer of state, therefore, we do nominate and appoint the said James, earl of Seafield our secretary to have place and vote and in every thing and to act in the ensuing session of parliament as the secretary officer of state to whom we will have the said privileges to belong during this session only. And so we bid you heartily farewell. Given at our court at St James's, 12 May 1702, and of our reign the first year.

By her majesty's command, signed thus: Queensberry.

Directed thus: to our right trusty and right entirely beloved cousin and councillor James [Douglas], duke of Queensberry, our commissioner to our parliament of our ancient kingdom of Scotland.

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