Parliamentary Register

[9 June 1702]

Procedure: opening of session

The laws and acts of the parliament of our most high and dread sovereign Anne, by the grace of God, queen of Scotland, England, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, held and begun at Edinburgh, 9 June 1702, by warrant of the seventeenth act of the sixth session of the parliament of King William, by his grace James [Douglas], duke of Queensberry, marquis of Dumfries-shire, earl of Drumlanrig and Sanquhar, viscount of Nith, Torthorwald and Ross, lord Douglas of Kinmont, Middlebie and Dornock etc., principal secretary of state for the kingdom of Scotland, one of the lords of her majesty's most honourable privy council, treasury and exchequer, an extraordinary lord of session and knight of the most noble order of the garter, her majesty's high commissioner for holding the same, by virtue of a commission under the great seal of this kingdom.

With the special advice and consent of the estates of parliament underwritten.

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