Prayers said. Rolls called.

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Procedure: letter of appointment

A letter from her majesty to the lord high commissioner read, appointing Lord Archbald Campbell, brother german to his grace, to have the place and vote of the lord high thesaurer in this session of parliament, of which letter the tenor follows.

Letter from her majesty appointing Lord Archbald Campbell to have place and vote of lord high thesaurer in this session of parliament

Sic suprascribitur, Anne R[egina],

Right trusty and right intirely beloved cousin and councellor, we greet you well. Whereas the office of lord high thesaurer is now in commission, and it being provided by the laws of that our kingdom that the number of our officers of state should not exceed the number of eight who are to have vote and place in parliament, even tho at any time there should be more persons imployed in the execution of the said offices, and it being reasonable that there should be one named to appear and act in the ensueing session of parliament as our thesaurer aforesaid, therefore, we do nominat and appoint our right trusty and well beloved Lord Archbald Campbell, brother to the duke of Argyll, to have the place and vote of the lord high thesaurer in the ensueing session of parliament. So we bid you heartily farewell. Given at our court at St James's, the ninth day of March, 1704/5 and of our reign the fourth year.

By her majesties' command, sic subscribitur, Seafield.

Directed thus: to our right trusty and right entirely beloved cousin and councillour John, duke of Argyle, our commissioner to our parliament of our ancient kingdom of Scotland.

The said Lord Archbald Campbell did then swear the oath of alleadgeance, subscribe the same with the assureance, swore the oath of parliament and thereafter took his place.

  1. NAS. PA2/39, f.8-8v. Back