Act containing some exceptions from the act of indemnity

Forasmuch as the king's most excellent majesty, out of his tender respect and love to his people and from his desire that all animosities and differences among them be buried in oblivion, and that his good subjects may now, after so long trouble, enjoy happiness, peace and plenty under his royal government, has been pleased to declare his resolution to indemnify all persons for their actings during and in relation to these troubles, excepting such as should be excepted by his majesty in this parliament. And his majesty, considering that however in the beginning of these differences and confusions many, through misinformation, blind zeal and other specious pretexts, did engage in and were carried on in these rebellious courses, by which the peace and quiet of the kingdom was interrupted since the year 1637, yet, after some time being convinced of their error and guiltiness, were willing to embrace any occasion wherein they might, with the hazard of their lives and fortunes, expiate their former miscarriages, and give evidence to the world of their loyalty and affection to his majesty and his authority; and in order thereunto, when in the year 1648 his majesty's royal father, of blessed memory, was secluded from his government and kept prisoner in the Isle of Wight they, with much cheerfulness and loyalty, did engage in war for his majesty's relief and restitution to his government, which noble, religious and dutiful undertaking his majesty does remember as a testimony of their sorrow for their past miscarriages, and of their desires to witness their duties and affection to his majesty and the royal interest in all time coming.

And albeit this was the temper and disposition of many, yet there were others also who, from an innate hatred and malice to his majesty's person and government, having concurred in the contriving, fomenting or carrying on of the late most unnatural rebellion, did thereby render themselves eminently instrumental in all his majesty's troubles and in those murders, rapines and oppressions which, to the high contempt and dishonour of God, the royal authority and the laws and justice of the kingdom, were executed upon such of their fellow subjects as owned his majesty's interest; and fearing that, by this engagement, their treacherous design might be discovered and disappointed, they did not only not concur therein, but used all means to retard and oppose the same, and at last did rise in arms and join in a new and open rebellion, and by the power of their English confederates, whom they called in for their assistance (and to whom for that service they did give up and betray the honour and interest of their native country) they violently usurped the government and power of the kingdom to themselves; and in this their usurpation, having also exercised the greatest rigour and most barbarous cruelties against the lives and fortunes of all such of their countrymen as had or were willing to appear for the royal interest, they then sent their deputies to hinder and protest against any treaty or agreement between his majesty and his subjects in England, and when they had obtained their desires in the dissolving of these treaties, and that there appeared designs against his majesty's life, they were so far from expressing their duty for his preservation that they gave positive orders to those their deputies not to debate nor assert that kings and princes were exempt from the trial and justice of their subjects. And after that by his majesty's death, the imperial crown of this realm did, by inherent birthright and undoubted succession, descend to his majesty who now happily reigns; and that his majesty's right and title to his crowns and kingdoms was then every way completed, and all his subjects obliged to the due acknowledgement thereof, yet the malice of these rebellious reformers was so desperate against the royal race and government that, by a public vote in their pretended parliaments, they debarred and secluded his majesty from the exercise of his royal government until he should, with his own consent, divest himself of his royal authority and invest them with the same, and then with most unparalleled insolence they marched in procession with their guards, and under the conduct of their general officers from their convention houses to the market cross of the chief city where, with sound of trumpet, and as it were in defiance of God and the world (but in pursuance of their covenants) they did proclaim and publish that treasonable act in suspending the king's majesty from the exercise of his royal government. And in further prosecution thereof, they seized on his majesty's revenues, intruded themselves in all the offices of public trust, imprisoned, fined, confined and banished such, as from conscience of their duties to God and the king, could not join with them, most cruelly murdered such as offered to appear for the royal interest, and among these the barbarous and inhumane murder of his majesty's lieutenant governor, even then when they pretended the greatest kindness to and were under treaties with his majesty, does witness to the world their unparalleled baseness, hypocrisy and treason. And having for the time satiated their cruelty and rapine with the lives and fortunes of their fellow subjects, they again assaulted his majesty with new demands to deprive himself of his kingly office, and to confer the same upon them and, notwithstanding that his majesty had trusted his person amongst them, they absolutely secluded him from any share in the government, denied him access to his armies, purged out of the army all in whom there appeared the smallest inclinations to loyalty, removed from him all such as he had reason to trust about his person, forced upon him guards of their gang, and under the highest penalties, discharged all loyal and honest men from coming within the verge of the court. And having thus stripped his majesty of all the marks and supports of his sovereignty and kingly power, their next attempt was to defame his person and to render him mean and odious to the world, by forcing upon him declarations to the reproach of his royal father, condemning all those just, noble and pious actings of that blessed martyr, and upon the first appearance of his majesty's scrupling therein they, in their public meetings of church and state, did publicly disclaim his majesty's interest and quarrel in the wars between them, and the murderers of his royal father their own native king. And the next day after, the chief officers of their army, as the representative of that party, did for themselves and in name of the army publish their resolutions to venture their lives in maintenance of that most impious and disloyal act; and when, by these and many other unworthy acts of that nature they had outstripped all the rebellions of former ages, they then fell at difference and emulation among themselves which should outvie others in the highest acts of wickedness and rebellion. Some started aside and joined in a most seditious remonstrance directly tending to the destruction of his majesty's person, the subversion of his authority and government and the ruin and extirpation of all such as did adhere to him. Others associated themselves in most treasonable declarations and protestations against the public proceedings for defence of the king and kingdom, and by their treacherous and infamous libels under the title of Causes of Wrath and others, pursued him with calumnies and reproaches, to blemish his reputation and weaken his due esteem with foreign princes. A third sort, though of no better principles, yet by their fair processions having got trust in the armies in the year 1648 and, thereafter, by selling their levies (and so weakening the army) did what in them lay to betray the king and kingdom in the hands of the enemy. And there wanted not also some who, against all the obligations of conscience, honour and gratitude, joined in council or arms with the murderers of the king, and thereby and by their other base compliances in giving their personal assistance to the solemnities of their usurpation in embracing and exercising places of public trust, employments and services under them did, so far as they were able, assist the murderer in his usurpation to the royal throne, and by their oaths and public tenders, not only for themselves but as commissioners from and in name of the counties, gave up and sacrificed their homage and allegiance to that sword he carried in his hand, smoking with the blood of that glorious martyr their own native liege lord and king. And albeit all such as are guilty of or had accession to any of these rebellions, usurpations and other unworthy acts or actings, or were aiding, abating, countenancing or assisting to the same or any of them, have thereby become obnoxious to the law and have rendered themselves liable to the pains of treason and other high pains, yet his majesty, being desirous, if it were possible, to reclaim the worst of his subjects to their duty by acts of mercy and grace, has therefore resolved to grant a general act of indemnity, pardon and oblivion.

But considering that by these troubles and rebellious courses many of his good subjects have been under great sufferings and liable to great loss for their affection and loyalty to his majesty, therefore, in order to their reparation, and for diverse important considerations of state, his majesty, with advice and consent of his estates of parliament, has thought fit to burden his pardon and indemnity to some (whose guiltiness has rendered them obnoxious to the law and their lives and fortunes at his majesty's disposal) with the payment of some small sums, and in so far to except them from the benefit of his majesty's pardon and, therefore, the king's majesty, with advice and consent foresaid, has thought fit and, accordingly, does hereby declare, that the persons particularly after-mentioned, each of them for their own parts, are excepted from his majesty's pardon and indemnity, in so far as may concern the payment of the sums underwritten namely.

Within the shire of Edinburgh: [William Kerr], earl of Lothian, in the sum of £6,000 Scots; [John Borthwick], lord Borthwick, in the sum of £2,400 Scots; [John Elphinstone], lord Balmerino, in the sum of £6,000; Mr John Inglis of Cramond, in £6,000; Mr James Scott of Bonnington, £1,200; Mr Laurence Scott of Bavelaw, £2,400; Thomas Craig of Riccarton, £2,400; Sir John Scott of Scotstarvit, £6,000; Mark Carse of Cockpen, £6,000; Walter Young, merchant in Edinburgh, £1,200; Robert Hamilton, elder, merchant there, £1,000; James Mason, merchant there, £800; Alexander Brand, merchant there, £6,000; Mr John Harper, advocate, £2,400; Henry Hope, merchant in Edinburgh, £3,600; Mr James Roughead, there, £1,200; Hugh Watt in Leith, £3,600; James Dalgleish, late collector of the vacant stipends, £1,200; Mr Robert Dalgleish of Lauriston, £3,600; Robert Campbell, apothecary, £600; William Blackwood, merchant in Edinburgh, £1,200; Sir James Stewart of Kirkfield, £6,000; George Graham, merchant in Edinburgh, £600; Thomas Lawrie, merchant there, £600; James Melville, there, £1,800; William Melville, merchant there, £3,600; Adam Mushet, there, £1,200; Mr John Ellis, advocate, £2,400; Mr William Hodge, advocate, £1,800; John MacLurg, merchant in Edinburgh, £360; James Bruce, merchant there, £600; James Melrose, there, £600; George Blackwood, there, £360; William Hamilton, writer in Edinburgh, £1,200; James Graham, merchant there, £600; William Rae, vintner there, £600; John Lamb, merchant there, £720; John Bonar of Bonarston, £1,200; James Wilson, vintner in Edinburgh, £360; laird of Dods, £2,400; John Lowrie in Logan House, £360; Robert Selkirk, merchant in Edinburgh, £360; William Anderson, merchant there, £600; Robert Jack, merchant there, £360; Robert Foulis, merchant there, £600; Robert Simpson, vintner there, £600; Robert Lockhart, merchant there, £2,400; Patrick Crichton, merchant there, £1,200; John Crawford, merchant there, £600; Alexander Anderson, merchant there, £500; Joseph Brodie, brother to the laird of Brodie, £600; and Captain William Bannatyne, £600.

Within the shire of Haddington: Patrick Temple in Lintonbrigs, the sum of £300; [...] Hepburn of Beanston, £200; Robert Aitchison of Sydserf, £3,000; and Mr Robert Hodge of Gladsmuir, £600.

Within the shire of Peebles: [Hunter], laird of Polmood, £600; William Russell of Slipperfield, £600; [...] Douglas of Linton, £360; [...] Cranston of Glen, £800; John Horseburgh, bailie of Peebles, £360; Mr Andrew Hay, brother to Mr John Hay of Haystoun, £600; and Joseph Learmonth, [...], £1,200.

Within the shire of Berwick: Sir William Scott of Harden, £18,000; John Home in the Law, £600; John Kerr of West Nisbet, £3,000; Walter Pringle of Greenknowe, £3,000; John Erskine, portioner of Dryburgh, £600; Thomas Haliburton of Newmains, £600; Robert Brown of Blackburn, £600; William Craw of Heughhead, £600; Mr Mark Kerr of Morriston, £5,000; Andrew Gray, portioner of Swinewood, £600; Patrick Wardlaw, portioner of West Reston, £600; John Hunter of Colinslie, £1,200; Abraham Home of Kennetsidehead, £600; Patrick Gillespie in Simprim, £360; William Somerville in Hilton, £360; and Robert Brownfield of Todrig, £600.

Within the shire of Selkirk: George Curror of Howden, £600; [...] Pringle of Torwoodlee, £1,800; the laird of Whytbank, younger, £3,000; [...] Pringle of Newhall, £600; James Elliot in Sunderlandhall, £600; William Scott of Tushielaw, £600; Robert Scott of Broomhall, £600; Andrew Scott of Broadmeadows, £1,800; John Scott of Gilmanscleuch, £1,800; Andrew Elliott of Philhope, £1,000; Thomas Scott of Todrig, £1,200; Thomas Scott, bailie of Selkirk, £360; Archibald Elliott of Middlestead, £600; and James Scott of Galashiels, £2,400.

Within the shire of Lanark: Sir Daniel Carmichael, [...], £2,400; Sir James Carmichael, [...], £1,200; [...] Hamilton of Kilcraig, £1,200; William Lowrie of Blackwood, £600; [...] Muir of Annieston, £1,200; Walter Hamilton of Netherfield, £600; James Cunningham of Bonnyton, £360; John Weir of Newton, £360; John Weir of Cloburn, £600; William Brown of Dolphinton, £1,200; John Hamilton, chamberlain of Hamilton, £360; George Weir of Harwood, £360; James Hamilton of Neilsland, £1,000; Mr John Spreull, late clerk of Glasgow, £1,200; John Graham, late provost of Glasgow, £1,000; Mr William Brown of Millrig, £360; Andrew Hamilton in Overton, £600; James Alexander in Overhill of Dripps, £360; Thomas Pettigrew, in the barony of Glasgow, £360; [...] Baillie of Walston, £9,600; Matthew Wilson, tanner in Glasgow, £600; Thomas Paterson, there, £360; John Johnston, there, £600; the laird of Auchtyfardle, £1,800; William Chiesley in Douglas, £600; Andrew Brown, brother to the laird of Dolphinton, £600; Michael Gemmill, bailie of Lanark, £600; [...] Gillon, there, £360; Alexander Tennant, there, £360; Gabriel Hamilton, there, £360; Mr Andrew Kerr, [...], £1,800; Gabriel Hamilton of Westburn, £1,000; Alexander Wilson in Lanark, £360; John Nimmo, in the west fort of Glasgow, £360; James Elphinstone, glazier there, £360; Sir John Chiesley [of Kersewell], £2,400; John Small in Kilbride, £360; Matthew Cumming, in Glasgow, £600; William Coutts, merchant there, £360; John Kirkland of Cardonan, £600; Matthew Fleming in Kilbride, £360; Captain Hutcheson in Carstairs, £600; John Pender in Stobilea, £360; James Gray, merchant in Glasgow, £360; [...] Telfer of Harecleugh, £2,400; David Gairner of Borsmit, £480; David Somerville of Grange, £600; John Menzies of Harperfield, £1,000; [...] Clelland of Howhoblelun, £600; James Baillie of Todholes, £360; John Perry, chamberlain of Mauldslie, £360; Claud Hamilton of Garrion, £1,200; Richard Maitland in Park of Mauldslie, £300; [...] Prentice of Thorne, £300; James Paterson in Judisheill, £300; Archibald Inglis, messenger, £240; James Hastie in Sandyford, £360; John Reid in Overton, £300; John Forrest in Threepwood, £300; John Shiller in Law of Mauldslie, £240; George Gilbertson in Braidwood, £240; Hugh Roxburgh in Muirhouse of Libberton, £240; [...] Gladstanes of Ettersheill, £360; William Bartrum, portioner of Nisbet, £480; Walter Carmichael of Grangehall, £600; Patrick Nimmo, portioner of Eulesheill, £480; [...] Johnston of Newbigging, £240; James Brown in Carstairs, £240; James Logan in Strafrank, £240; James Murray in Hartiehame, £240; James Baillie in Thankerton, £240; John White in Faldike, £360; George White, his brother, £240; George Porterfield, late provost of Glasgow, £3,000; Gideon Jack in Lanark, £1,000; [...] Hamilton of Southfield, £360; [...] Hamilton, his son, £240; John Brown, younger, in Draffan, £360; [...] Hamilton of Aikenhead, £600; Thomas Steven in Lesmahagow, £240; John Steven, there, £240; Thomas MacQuarrie, there, £360; David Hamilton, younger, in Southcamberland, £360; [...] Merrilees in Calderwater, £300; [...] Hamilton in Bothwell Brig, £360; Archibald Hamilton in Calsayhead of Netherton, £240; John Hamilton in Stanehall, £360; David Somerville in the Greens of Carnwath, £360; Thomas Carmichael in Newbigging, £240; James Gibson in Quothquan, £360; John Kello, there, £240; John Braid in Kilhead of Covington, £600; Robert Logan in Huntsheillwood of Carnwath, £240; William Bruce of Skellyton, elder and younger between them equally, £600; James Bruce in Kitbank of Lesmahagow, £240; John Pillar in Lanark, £240; James Gray in Gerriswoodmilne, £600; [...] Simpson in Lanark, £240; John Fisher, there, £240; Thomas Hutton in Hamilton, £1,000; George Tam, in the parish of Monkland, £240; John Hamilton of Lesmahagow, £240; John Hamilton of Priorhill, £300; Thomas Steel of Skellyhill, £300; Lieutenant [...] Lindsay in [...], £600; [...] Wardrope of Dardowie, £600; Mr William Somerville in Douglas, £1,800; and [...] Robin in Strathaven, £400.

Within the shire of Dumfries: Mr William Ferguson of Caitloch, £1,000; William Wilson of Land, £300; John Douglas of Stonehouse, £1,000; John Welsh of Collieston, £300; John Scott, younger, of Headshaw, £1,000; John MacBirnie, portioner of Lugat, £240; John Newland, glover in [...], £240; John Short, glover in Dumfries, £240; James Moffat, merchant there, £300; James Callen, glover there, £300; Robert Wallace, merchant there, £600; James Muirhead, merchant there, £1,000; John Williamson, merchant there, £240; Abraham Dickson, merchant there, £240; James Grierson of Dalgonar, £360; John Kirkwall of Begrie, £300; John Kirkwall of Smidiewall, £360; James Hunter in Townhead, £600; William Bell in Albie, £1,000; George Bell in Godibrig, £1,000; John Maitland of Eccles, £1,000; James Clerk of Trolloch, £600; John Clerk of Killinie, £480; John Craik in Dumfries, £240; Andrew Johnston in Lockerbie, £200; Patrick Murray of Blockholrig, £600; [...] Taggit in Dumfries-shire, £600; William MacMorran in Kilbane, £240; John Ewart [of Mulloch] in Dumfries, £360; John Gilchrist in Dumfries, £360; John Copland in Dumfries, £360; John Laurie of Maxwelton, £3,600; John Kennedy of Helleis, £720; John Gibson of Glencrosh, £600; William Elliott of Buiks, £1,200; Robert Elliott, his brother, £1,200; Adam Elliott of Esgill, £1,800; William Elliott, called Unthank, £1,800; Gavin Elliott of Outerside, £600; John Bell of Crowdieknowe, £600; [...] Murray of Moriflat, £360; and Thomas Gladstanes, of [...], £1,000.

Within the shire of Roxburgh: [...], sheriff depute, £1,200; John Turnbull of Knowe, £2,000; Robert Bennett of Chesters, £1,200; the laird of Langlands, £1,800; William Kerr of Swinside, £1,200; Robert Pringle of Clifton, £1,200; Mr Gilbert Elliott of Craigend, £1,200; Andrew Bell of Mow, £3,600; John Haswell, collector, £360; Robert Handyside, merchant in Kelso, £360; [...] Scott of Chapel, £1,200; William Scott of Horsleyhill, £1,200; Sir Walter Riddell of that ilk, £6,600; William Kerr of Newton, £600; Gideon Scott of Highchester, £4,800; [...] Scott of Goldielands, £6,000; Robert Scott of Braidhaugh, £3,000; Gideon Wauchope, brother to the laird of Cakemuir, £2,400; Robert Kerr of Midlemistwalls, £600; John Kerr of Chesters, £360; Thomas Kerr, portioner of Hownam, £360; Sir Thomas Kerr of Cavers, £6,000; Sir Andrew Kerr of Greenhead, £6,000; Patrick Scott of Thirlestane, £3,000; Sir Archibald Douglas of Cavers, £3,600; and Samuel Morrison of Maisondieu, £1,200.

Within the shire of Fife: George Gairns in Burntisland, £600; [Robert Balfour], lord [Balfour of] Burleigh, £13,333 6s 8d; [...] Wemyss of Balfarg, £1,000; Sir Thomas Nairn of Sanford, £1,800; Thomas Oliphant of Kirkarny, £1,200; John Moncrieff of Crosshill, £1,200; John Brown in Burntisland, £600; Thomas Glover, collector in Fife, £600; Colonel Brymer, £1,200; [...] MacGill of Rankeillour, £3,000; the laird of Aytoun, £2,400; Robert Baillie, late chamberlain of Falkland, £1,200; Robert White in Kirkcaldy, £1,200; [...] Wemyss of Feinzies, £600; [...] Hamilton of Grangemuir, £1,200; John Lindsay in Anstruther, £240; Thomas Mitchell of Cowdens, £1,200; the laird of Leuchat, £1,200; William Hamilton in Anstruther, £360; John White in Burntisland, £1,200; Robert Andrew, late collector of the shire of Perth, £2,400; Mr Robert Pittillo, in [...], £1,800; Mr Robert Preston of Preston, £1,200; and Robert Dempster of Balbougie, £1,800.

Within the shire of Dunbarton: Colin Campbell of Ardincarie, £1,200; Patrick Ewing in Dumbarton, £600; and [...] Brown of Bancleroch, £1,200.

Within the shires of Inverness, Ross and Cromarty: [...] Munro of Foulis, £3,600; [...] Ross of Invercharron, £1,200; John Forbes of Culloden, £1,200; Andrew MacCulloch, burgess of Tain, £1,200; the laird of Struie, £1,200; [...] Belladrum, £600; Donald Fowler of Allan, £2,400; Malcolm Ross of Kindeace, £600; Gilbert Robertson in Inverness, £2,400; Hugh Munro, collector of Inverness, £1,200; David Ross of Pitcalnie, £720; Hector Douglas of Muldarg, £2,400; [...] Munro of Kilcairne, £360; [...] Malcomtosh of Killachie, £3,600; Thomas Shives of Muirtown, £1,800; Alexander Dunbar, burgess of Inverness, £3,600; James Fowler, burgess there, £600; George Leslie, clerk of Inverness, £600; Mr William Ross of Sandwick, £600; Duncan Forbes, merchant in Inverness, £1,200; Walter Innes of Inverbreakie, £2,400; [...] MacPherson, tutor of Cluny, £600; [...] MacPherson, tutor of Invereshie, £600; [...] Cumming of Kinhardie, £360; [...] MacIntosh of Connage, £3,600; [...] MacKenzie of Kilcowie, £6,000; and William Duff, collector of the excise in Inverness, £1,800.

Elgin and Nairn: Sir Ludovic Gordon of that ilk, £3,600; Alexander Brodie of that ilk, £4,800; Patrick Campbell of Boath, £600; [...] Brodie of Lethen, elder, £6,000; [...] Brodie of Lethen, younger, £1,200; [...] Hay, tutor of Knockawdie, £360; Hugh Hay, tutor of Park, £1,200; Francis Brodie of Belivat, elder and younger, £3,000 equally between them; the laird of Grant, £18,000; [...] Campbell of Caddell, £12,000; Colonel Innes of Boage, £1,200; [...], Mr John Campbell of Moy, £600; Patrick Nairn of Alchrosse, £1,200; Patrick Hay in the North, £2,400; John Innes of Conrock, £1,000; Robert Stewart of Lethernie, £360; Alexander Anderson of Garioch, £1,200; John Tulloch in Nairn, £600; John Falconer of Tulloch, £1,200; Alexander Dunbar, commissary clerk of Moray, £1,200; and David Brodie of Pitgairnie, £1,200.

Within the shire of Ayr: Mr Robert Barclay, burgess of Irvine, £1,200; the laird of Cunninghamhead, £4,800; [...] Fullarton of Corsbie, £2,000; [...] Campbell of Cessnock, £8,000; the laird of Rowallan, £4,000; the laird of Craufurdland, £1,200; [...] Hunter of Hunterston, £600; John Reid, late provost of Irvine, £600; James Campbell in Newmilns, £600; [...] Shaw of Sornbeg, £1,200; John Haldane of Enterkine, £1,800; [...] Crawford of Skeldon, £1,000; William Hamilton of Garrieve, £360; John Ferguson, bailie of Ayr, £1,200; the laird of Penkill, elder, £4,800; [...] Penkill, younger, £1,200; [...] of Greimmislaw, £240; the laird of Kirkmichael, £4,000; [...] Eccles of Kildonan, £400; [...] Kennedy of Dougarie, £600; Gilbert Richard of Barskimming, £1,800; Robert Kelso of Kelsoland, £800; Thomas Blair, merchant in Ayr, £800; [...] Kennedy of Kirkhill, £360; [...] Caldwell of that ilk, £600; Mr Cuthbert Cunningham, in [...], £1,200; Patrick Crawford of Cumnock, £2,000; [...] Whitford of Balloch, £4,000; William Dunlop, provost of Irvine, £360; Charles Hall in Newmilns, £360; [...] Crawford of Findishaw, £600; [...], younger of Ballochmyle, £600; [...] Boyd of Pitcon, £600; [...] Campbell of Shaw, £1,200; [...] Kennedy of Bellimore, £600; William Pedie, of [...], £360; James Wallace of Drumalloch, £600; George Crawford in Beoch, £600; John Frew in Newmilns, £360; Robert Nisbet in Little Cessnock, £360; [...] Reid of Dandilling, £600; [...] of Dalgon, £600; [...] Nisbet of Greenholm, £600; John MacCulloch of Row, £360; Hugh MacHutcheon in Row, £360; [...] of Drochealn, £360; [...] of Dalreoch, £600; [...] Brown of Wallwood, £360; [...] Campbell of Harecleuch, £480; [...] Campbell of Glassock, elder, £480; [...] Campbell, younger of Auchmannoch, £600; [...] Aird of Milton, £360; [...] Brown of Tordows, £600; [...] Campbell of Middle Wallwood, £360; Robert Wallace of Carmichael, £1,200; [...] Campbell of Shaw, £1,000; [...] Kennedy of Bellimore, £480; James Gordon, chamberlain to [John Kennedy], earl of Cassilis, £360; [...] Douglas of Gassilltoun, £600; Alexander Kennedy of Maybole, £360; [...] Kennedy of Knockdon, £600; John Kennedy, his brother, £300; John Ferguson of Millander, £1,000; Thomas Ferguson of Finnage, £600; Hugh Ferguson of Mains, £600; Andrew Ross of Traveir, £600; James Hunter in Corktoun, £600; [...] Kennedy of Glenmun, £600; Adam Wright in Dalmellington, £200; John Shaw in Balloch, £360; Robert Wallace of Holmston, £360; David Kennedy of Barclanachan, £360; Thomas Kennedy of Grange, £360; John Shaw of Monyshow, £600; John MacMirrie, of [...], £600; [...] Shaw of Keir, £360; Mr Robert Auld of Hill, £1,200; [...] of Knockdaw, £1,200; and [John Campbell], earl of Loudoun, £12,000.

Within the shire of Bute: David MacNeill of Kilmore, £360; Neill MacNeill of Kilmore, £360; Ninian Spence of Wester Kames, £1,200; and James Stewart of Kilquhandie, £360.

Within the shire of Aberdeen: the laird of Echt, £3,600; the master of Forbes, £3,600; William Forbes of Corsindae, £1,200; [...] Forbes of Knockwharrie, £300; [...] Arbuthnott of Cairngaw, £1,000; Thomas Forbes of Achortes, £600; Arthur Forbes of Invernochtie, £1,000; Gilbert Skene of Dyce, £2,400; Sir John Baird, advocate, £2,400; Walter Cochrane in Aberdeen, £3,600; Alexander Harper in Aberdeen, £600; Mr Alexander Burnett of Craigmill, £2,400; [...] Forbes of Culwhirrie, £600; Robert Kerr of Menand, £3,600; David Tyrie of Strathbogie, £600; John Innes of Coldrean, £1,200; Henry Panton, of [...], £600; [...] Sangster in Aberdeen, £600; Charles Dun, dyer there, £2,400; Mr Robert Burnett of Allevage, £600; [...] Forbes of Baslayd, £1,800; [...] Forbes of Gask, £1,800; David Richard of Auchnacant, £3,600; George Cruikshank of Berryhill, £1,800; Patrick Muir, bailie of Aberdeen, £1,800; [...] Burnett of Adross, £1,800; William Allardice in Aberdeen, £1,000; Thomas Cushnie, glazier there, £1,800; Robert Cruikshank of Ellerick, £1,000; Andrew Goodal in [...], £300; Mr Alexander Farquhar of Towleys, £1,200; John Ross, merchant in Aberdeen, £1,200; George Piper, there, £600; [...], tutor of Pitsligo, £6,000; Alexander Jaffray of Kingswells, £2,400; and Mr William Muir, late principal of the Earl Marischal's college in Aberdeen, £2,400.

Within the shire of Kincardine: Mr William Beaton, of [...], £1,200; [...] of Hallgreen, elder, £2,400; and Andrew Arbuthnott of Fiddes, £1,800.

Within the shire of Caithness: Robert Innes of Pharstoun, £600; James Sinclair of Assery, £600; and William Baillie, of [...], £600.

Within the shire of Sutherland: Robert Gray of Skibo, £1,200; Robert Murray of Pulrossie, £1,000; Patrick Dunbar of Sidderey, £1,000; Robert Gray of Arbo, £4,800; [...] Gray of Creich, £2,400; and John Sutherland in Clyne, £1,000.

Within the shire of Linlithgow: [...] Sandilands, tutor of Calder, £1,200; [...] Dundas of Duddingston, £2,000; Major Whitehead, £600; John Gillon, of [...], £600; John Cleran of Cousland, £1,200; Robert Cuthbertson in Linlithgow, £360; [...] Galloway of Todshaugh, £600; Patrick Liston, of [...], £600; John Milne in Queensferry, £300; John Wardrope in Livingston, £300; Gavin Marischal in Linlithgow, £600; [...] Muirhead of Lennox, £4,000; Patrick Young in Killiecantie, £1,200; George Drummond of Carlowrie, £3,600; Walter Stewart in Linlithgow, £1,200; John Crawford, son to the late William Crawford in Kinneil, £2,400; [...] Baillie of Bothkenner, £1,200; James Hill in Queensferry, £600; John Robertson, merchant there, £600; and George Logie, there, £600.

Within the shire of Perth: [James Elphinstone], lord Coupar, £4,800; [Thomas Ruthven], lord Ruthven, £4,800; Major General James Holburne, £9,600; Archibald Stirling of Coldoch, £600; James Campbell of Clathick, £1,800; William Hutton of Belinisk, £600; Robert Stewart of Ardvorlich, £6,000; [...] Blair of Kinfauns, £2,400; [...] Oliphant of Gask, £6,000; Sir David Carmichael of Kilmadie, £2,400; Major John Moncrieff, £1,200; [...] Hay of Leys, elder, £600; Patrick and John Campbell of Glenenoch, equally between them, £1,000; Mr Harry Stewart, brother to Sir Thomas Stewart of Grandtully, £600; Hugh Craigie of Dunbarny, £1,000; Alexander Robertson of Downie, £600; Alexander Robertson of Easter Straloch, £1,000; Sir Thomas Stewart of Grandtully, £18,000; Colonel [...] Menzies, £1,800; James Campbell of Glenquiech of Torrorie, £1,200; [...] Campbell of Mcaster, £1,200; James Stirling, in the mill of Keir, £360; [...] MacCallum of Kilmadock, £300; William Oliphant of Forgan, £1,200; the baron of Itchell, £600; Mr William Blackburn of Middleton, £1,200; Harry Christie, chamberlain to the laird of Glenorchy, £1,200; James Crichton in Coupar Grange, £1,200; Andrew Soutar in Newtyle, £1,200; Mr Robert MacGill of Fenzies, £1,200; John Malcolm of Forthar, £1,800; Mr George Blair of [...], £2,400; and William Many of Dollockmilne, £1,200.

Within the shire of Forfar: [Lindsay], laird of Edzell, £3,000; [...] [Symmer] of Balzeordie, £600; [Arbuthnott], lairds of Findowrie, elder and younger, equally between them, £2,400; [...] Ogilvie of Balfour, £2,400; [...] Guthrie of Pitforthie, £600; [...] Keith of Cunyngsyth, £600; James Milne in Montrose, £360; John Hunter in Glamis, £600; Mr James Hay in Muldavit, £1,000; William Innes of Killerminey, £360; Park Gordon, elder, £3,600; Park Gordon, younger, £1,200; and John Lyon of Muresk, £3,600.

Within the shire of Renfrew: Sir George Maxwell of Nether Pollok, £4,000; Mr James Montgomery of Wetlands, £360; [...] of Walkinshaw, younger, £360; John Kelso, bailie in Paisley, £600; John Spreull, bailie in Paisley, £360; John Park, bailie there, £480; Mr Hugh Fork, sheriff clerk of Renfrew, £1,000; Gabriel Thomson in Corshill, £300; John Govan in Mayne, £300; Robert Pollock in Milneburn, £300; John Founes, portioner in Neilstonside, £360; John Morris, elder and younger, equally between them, £360; John Semple of Ballgreen, £300; John Orr of Jaffraystock, £300; John Adam of Bonfield, £300; [...] Barber of Rashiefield, £300; Robert Love of Gavan, £300; [...] Caldwell of Risk, £300; [...] Caldwell, portioner of Beltrees, £300; [...] Barber of Risk, £300; John Hugh in Dampton, £300; James Orr of Langyard, £300; John Fulton of Sproulston, £600; [...] Fulton of Boydston, £360; Nicoll Craig in East Mains, £300; James Campbell of Rivoe, £300; John Rodger of Park, £300; Andrew Jalls of Cruik, £300; Matthew Harrison in Titwood, £300; Robert Rankine in Broadlees, £300; John Craig of Broom, £300; John Rankine of Newtoun, £600; John Spreull in Renfrew, £400; [...] Pollock of Slender, £200; George Pollock of Falside, £480; James [...] of Cartsbridge, £200; Andrew Gilmour in Newtoun, £200; John Rankine in Malletsheugh, £300; and John Smith, there, £300.

Within the shires of Stirling and Clackmannan: Sir Charles Erskine of Alva, £6,000; Sir William Bruce of Stenhouse, £1,200; [...] of Leckie, £600; Captain William Monteith, son to the late Mr James Monteith, [...], £1,200; Sir Thomas Nicolson of Carnock, £6,000; William and David Tenant in Slamannanmure, equally between them, £300; Thomas Fleming, there, £300; William Young, there, £300; David and Patrick Young, there, equally between them, £240; Robert Arthur in Balcastle, £240; Alexander Weddell, there, £240; Alexander Arthur, there, £240; John Gibson, there, £240; Robert Boyd, of [...], £240; John Boyd in Leny House, £240; Alexander Taylor in Middlerig, £240; James Boyd in Baluntochill, £240; John Gardener in Hallhouse, £240; William Pender of Burn, £240; James Mochrie of Stoneridge, £240; William Row in Bandeath, £240; [...] of Milnehaugh, £240; James Goodlet of Abbotshaugh, £600; Archibald Row of Inverallen, £600; William Marshall, portioner of Boigston, £240; Allan Boig, portioner there, £240; William Dick of Bankhead, £240; Thomas Robertson, portioner of [...], £240; David Robertson, portioner there, £240; Patrick Adie, portioner of Bogow, £240; John Haistie, portioner there, £240; John Shaw of Dachwhan, £240; James Binning of Brigend, £240; James Black of Hillend, £240; James Adie of Ballinbreich, £240; John Robertson, portioner of Blackston, £240; Alexander Lightbody, portioner there, £240; Peter Bryce, portioner of Belbrick, £240; Archibald Bryce, portioner there, £240; Alexander Bryce, portioner there, £240; James Marshall, portioner of Kinmure, £240; John Glen of Candyend, £240; [...] Calder of Hill, £240; James Dick of Millersplace, £240; John Arthur of Quarter, £240; [...] Brown, portioner of Woodside, £240; [...] Taylor, portioner there, £240; John Whitelaw of Hungryhill, £240; Patrick Calder of Campstoun, £240; John Higgins of Bows, £200; John Jap, portioner of Cromerland, £240; James Gray, portioner of Kilmudie, £240; Alexander Marshall of Mastertoun, £240; Andrew Baird, late bailie of Stirling, £600; Robert Robertson, there, £600; Robert Gibb, there, £360; Thomas Scotland of Dollerby, £360; John Scotland, there, £360; Alexander Ferguson, there, £600; James Stirling of Bardirnoch, £1,200; James Boyd of Ballintsheill, £600; [...] Rollock of Bannockburn, £600; [...] Monteith of Milnholm, younger, £600; David Bruce in Alva, £360; James Forrest of Blankheid, £480; Thomas Buchanan of Blairwhan, £360; Robert Forrest of Queenshaugh, £360; Robert Forrest in Rashiehill, £600; Mr Robert Bruce of Kennet, £1,800; John Meikle in Larbert, £360; David Goodlet of Langton, £480; James Callander in Falkirk, £300; David Campbell, of [...], £300; John Simpson, of [...], £240; George Eddell in Balquhatson, £200; James Tennant in Dykehead, £240; John Auld, there, £240; John Wauch, there, £240; John Shaw in Greenhill, £240; James Easton, of [...], £240; John Mungall in Lennox, £240; John Lightbody, there, £240; James Pender in Linnmill, £240; Peter Russell in Wholme, £240; William Tennant in Burnhead, £240; Thomas Fleming of Rashiehill, £240; George Neill, there, £240; Thomas Russell in Middlerig, £600; John Russell in Balcaskie, £300; Thomas Taylor in Howhouse, £300; Andrew Clerkston, of [...], £300; John Weston in Craigend, £400; Alexander Crawford in Manuelmill, £600; James Grimtoun in Moruinsyd, £240; James Easton, William Andrew, Issac Baird and William Baird, each of them £15 sterling; Alexander Milne of Skeiner, £1,000; William Kerr in Bannock, £600; [James Rollo], lord Rollo, £6,000; and Thomas Michael of Cowden, £600.

Within the shire of Wigtown: Colonel William Stewart, £6,000; Sir Andrew Agnew [of Lochnaw], sheriff of Galloway, £6,000; [...] Gordon of Grange, £1,800; [...] MacCulloch, younger of Ardwell, £1,200; John Cathcart of Kennoch, £2,000; Francis Hay of Haryholme, £1,000; Patrick Agnew of Sheuchan, £1,200; Patrick Agnew of Wigg, £2,000; Gilbert Neilson of Cathcattie, £1,300; Patrick MacKie of Larg, £360; William MacRussock, collector of Wigtownshire, £3,600; George Campbell, captain lieutentant to Sir Robert Adair, £600; Alexander Kennedy of Gillespie, £480; James Johnston in Stranraer, £600; John Baillie of Little Dunragit, £360; Alexander Baillie of Meikle Dunragit, £360; [...] MacDonnell of Craichen, £360; John MacDougall of Craes, £600; Alexander Agnew of Crook, £600; Martin MacGee in Penninghame, £600; William MacGrassock, £3,600; [...] Stewart, bailie in Wigtown, £360; [...] Cantan, late provost in Wigtown, £1,200; William MacKie of Maydollen, £360; [...] Ramsay of Boghouse, £400; John MacCulloch in Glen, £400; Patrick Agnew of Caldenoch, £1,000; Thomas Boyd of Kirkland, £360; Alexander MacTear in Stranraer, £600; Patrick Kennedy, there, £360; John MacCance, tanner there, £600; Gilbert Adair, there, £360; David Dunbar of Baldoon, £4,800; John Gordon, merchant in Stranraer, £240; John MacDougall, there, £240; William MacCullen, there, £240; John Adair of Little Gennoch, £600; Alexander Crawford, tutor to Hariehemman, £360; William Gordon of Barnsallie, £360; John Hannah in Granan, £480; William MacDougall in Kiltroy, £1,000; [...] Triffell, burgess of Wigtown, £340; Adam MacKie, late provost of Wigtown, £1,000; [...] Stewart of Fintalloch, £1,000; John MacKittrick in Kirkmaiden, £360; Michael MacIlrie in Stainekirk, £600; James MacNaught in Portpatrick, £360; Niven Agnew in Clodhouse, £240; [...] Agnew in Kilmorie, £240; John MacMaster in Kirkcolm, £360; John MacQuiston in the Inch parish, £360; Andrew Agnew in Park, £360; Patrick Hannah in Gask, £360; [...] MacNick in Darmenow, £300; Gilbert MacRankine in Knockiebae, £360; John MacIlvain in Milbush, £360; [...] MacKichan of Glenwhilly, £360; [...] MacKichan in Glenkitten, £360; [...] Kennedy of Barnshangow, £240; [...] MacKichan in Poltoundowie, £240; Edward Lowrie in Darward, £240; Mr William Clelland in Shealand, £240; Thomas MacMorran, in [...], £360; and John Paterson, there, £360.

Within Kirkcudbright: Major MacCulloch of Barholm, £800; Robert Kirk of Kildon, £360; [...] MacIlno of Lochdounheid, £360; Robert Hughan, subcollector of [...], £240; Alexander Gordon of Knockgray, elder and younger, £1,200; William Whitehead of Millhouse, £360; John Corsan of Senwick, £200; David Arnott in Barcaple, £360; Mr William Gordon of Earlston, £3,500; John Gordon of Rusco, £2,400; John Turner of Ardwell, £360; John Gordon of Troquhain, £2,400; John Fullarton of Carleton, £1,000; John MacKirtie in Blaiket, £600; John Gordon of Waterside, £600; [...] Gordon of Barroch, £300; James Logan of Hill, £1,000; [...] Logan of Bagrie, £480; Patrick Young of Achilskiesh, £1,000; John Maxwell of Milton, £800; [...] of Dundeugh, £600; William Gordon in Midtown, £240; Robert Stewart of Manquhill, £1,000; Archibald Stewart of Kilgruss, £1,000; John Thomson of Harieholm, £240; John Brown of Mureheidstoun, £360; [...] Brown of Lochhill, £360; Alexander Gordon of Culvennan, £600; John Lindsay of Fairgirth, £600; John Aitken of Achilhae, £360; William Gordon of Shirmers, £600; James Chalmers of Waterside, £600; [...] Herron of Cirrochtrie, £600; William Gordon of Roberton, £360; William Corsan in Roberton, £240; John Logan of Endrich, £240; William Glendinning of Corruch, £360; William MacCulloch of Ardwell, £600; Robert MacLellan of Barnagahan, £360; Alexander MacKie, merchant in Kirkcudbright, £200; Alexander MacLean, merchant there, £200; John MacLellan, maltman there, £280; William Telfer in Dunrod, £300; [...] Gibson of Brockloch, £360; John Stewart of Shambellie, £600; David Gordon of Glenlady, £600; Alexander Gordon of Auchencairn, £200; the laird of Martine, £240; William Gordon of Minybowie, £280; John Neilson of Corsack, £600; Robert MacCulloch of Auchenlarie, £240; Cornet Alexander MacGee of Dalgoun, £480; Edward Cairns of Torr, £240; [...] Corsan in Dundrennan, £200; James Logan of Boge, £600; John MacMichen of Ardo, £360; John MacMillan of Brockloch, £360; John Cannon of Murdochwood, £360; Robert Gordon of Grange, £2,400; John Grierson of [...], £600; Robert Gilson in the parish of Kells, £360; Edward Gordon of Barmark, £480; Alexander Cairns in Dalry parish, £480; James Neilson of Errowrie, £360; James Glendinning of Mocho, £480; [...] Grierson of Bargatton, £600; [...] Martin in Dullard, £360; William Glendinning of Logan, £360; Robert Gaw, of [...], £360; James Wilson in Clarebrand, £240; Alexander Livingstone of Countinespie, £360; Robert Corsan in Netherarick, £360; James [...] of Perkcroft, £240; Patrick Corsan of Colds, £600; John Herries of Logan, £360; [...] Telfer of Harecleugh, £1,800; James Thomson of Ingliston, £1,000; Robert MacLellan of Balnagen, £240; Captain Robert Gordon of Barharrow, £240; [...] Gordon of Gedgill, £300; [...] Begbie in Comrie, £240; Edward Cluchan in Castlegower, £240; John MacIll in Cuil, £240; John Cannon in Guffertland, £240; John Hamilton in Kirkpatrick in the muir, £240; Thomas Neilson of Knockwalloch, £240; William Gordon of Mirkartnay, £240; James Gordon of Killylour, £240; John Welsh of Scarr, £240; James Smith of Drumloch, £240; Robert Greir in Kinharvie, £240; and William Maxwell in Netheryett, £600.

Within the shire of Argyll: George Campbell, tutor of Calder, £5,000; Donald Campbell of Scamadale, £600; Alexander Campbell of Achinveran, £400; Mr Donald Campbell of Auchenard, £500; Alexander Campbell of Glenrerie, £200; Malcolm MacIntyre of Lethers, £500; James Campbell, of [...], £1,000; Domhnall mac Alasdair Ruaidh, alias Campbell, £3,000; John Campbell, his son, £1,500; John Campbell of Kirkton, £200; Archibald Campbell, brother to Dunstaffnage, £200; Donald Campbell, brother to Dunstaffnage, £400; [...] Campbell of Arderon, £300; John Campbell of Larges, £500; [...] Campbell of Braiklinmore, £300; [...] Campbell of Bragleenbeg, £200; John Campbell of Auchinreoch, £600; Hector MacLean of Torloisk, £4,000; Niall og mac Niall of Drumnamuclorchan, £1,000; Duncan MacCarter of Drumuck, £500; Duncan MacCarter of Inchstranick, £1,000; John Campbell, brother to the tutor of Calder, £400; Colin Campbell, brother to Dunstaffnage, £400; Donald Campbell of Sonachan, £300; Alexander Campbell, captain of Craignish, £4,000; Donald Campbell of Barbreck, £2,666 13s 4d; the laird of Duntrune, £2,666 13s 4d; John Campbell in Kilmartin, £200; Neill MacKellar of Letter, £300; John Campbell of Strandow, £600; Malcolm MacKellar of Deall, £400; the captain of Skipness, £1,500; Archibald Campbell of Glencardell, £2,666 13s 4d; Duncan Campbell, bailie of Kintyre, £800; John MacNeill of Ross, £800; Neill MacNeill, tutor of [...], £200; Lauchlan MacNeill of Firargoe, £280; Patrick Campbell of Kilmory, £3,000; Ivor MacIlvernock of Oib, £500; Donald Campbell of Oib, £1,200; Alexander Campbell, late commissary of Argyll, £600; John Campbell of Danna, £600; [...] Campbell of Knap, £2,000; Colin Campbell of Blansivers, £500; the laird of Otter, £2,000; Duncan Campbell of Ewland, £1,200; Colin Campbell of Ardnetinsh, £800; John Campbell, bailie of Glendaruel, £300; John Gercambell in Glendaruel, £240; John MacKernie of Essekahlilan, £400; John MacCarter of Dulloskine, £400; [...] Campbell of Gargathie, £500; and [...] Campbell of Lochinyell, £3,000.

Which sums are hereby ordained to be paid by them, to any person or persons who shall be appointed by his majesty to receive the same, the one half thereof between now and the [...] day of [...] and the other half between now and the [...] day of [...], with this express certification that whoever of the persons foresaid shall not make payment of the respective sums above-written imposed upon them between now and the terms respectively aforementioned, they are from thenceforth to forfeit and lose the whole benefit of his majesty's pardon and indemnity, and the said days being past and their sums not being paid, it is hereby, now as then and then as now, declared that they have no share in his majesty's pardon, but are excepted therefrom and their estates, rents and goods are forthwith to be sequestrated and raised for his majesty's use, their persons to be secured and themselves further punished as persons guilty of sedition, usurpation and rebellion. Likewise, his majesty does hereby, with advice foresaid, ordain his privy council, justice general and his deputes, his advocate and all others his public ministers and magistrates to see this act put to exact and punctual execution, conforming to the tenor thereof, as they will be answerable. Likewise, his majesty does, with advice foresaid, declare that the sums aforesaid, being duly paid at and before the days and terms aforementioned, the persons payers thereof are from thenceforth to enjoy the benefit of his majesty's pardon and indemnity to all intents and purposes; and if any of the persons above-mentioned (having paid the sums of money particularly imposed upon them) shall, for their further security, desire to have a remission under the great seal, it is hereby appointed that the commissioners of exchequer pass the same gratis, and that the writers and keepers of the seals do expedite the same.

  1. NAS. PA2/28, f.51-58. Back
  2. This last entry added in the margin. Back
  3. This last entry added in the margin. Back
  4. Possibly 'Dalgig' Back
  5. Called 'of Aquhythie' in 1649 acts. Back
  6. In error for Balmedie. Back
  7. Possibly 'Dollarbeg'. Back
  8. APS has inserted at this point: 'John Andrew, there, £240; Thomas Bird in Ballinbreich, William Black, John Robert'. Back
  9. 'Skemer' in APS. Back
  10. Perhaps 'Merton'. Back
  11. Possibly Ardoch. Back
  12. Possibly Dullarg. Back
  13. Possibly 'Guffogland'. Back
  14. Possibly Auchenvennel. Back
  15. Donald son of red haired Alasdair. Back
  16. Possibly Largie. Back
  17. Possibly Bragleenmore. Back
  18. Neil younger, son of Neil. Back
  19. Possibly Drumnamucklach. Back
  20. Possibly Ardnish. Back
  21. Possibly Lochiel. Back